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Installation Operation Cleaning


Attach a T valve to the cold water supply under the sink. Position the off/on lever so that it is accessible. Attach Spulboy Hose to fitting & insert the push fit connection onto the Spulboy nozzle at the base of the unit. Place Spulboy into the sink and fill with cold water. Turn on water supply & use the handle on the valve to adjust water pressure if too strong.


1 - Fill brush section with cold water & add 1/4 Spulboy tablet. Turn on the water supply & reduce the water pressure if the water is too strong & splashing off the glass.

2 - Plunge the glass up & down on brushes using long fast strokes. Glasses containing waste beer, milk, baileys etc. should be rinsed off on rinser first to avoid excessive build up on brushes. Avoid rotating glasses on brushes. Use brisk up & down strokes.

3 - Then place glass on rinser making sure it gets a sufficient rinse.  Observe the cleanliness of each glass.  Ie. Glasses which are dirtier or greasier than normal may need extra washing. 

4 - Leave glass on drip mat allowing water to drip off and aeration of the glass to occur.

5 –Use SPULBOY as much as possible to maintain & achieve consistent results. Avoid polishing glasses afterwards. Do not substitute the SPULBOY tablets with another substance i.e. Washing up Liquid etc. The Tablet does not effect beer presentation. Initial problems may occur until existing residue is removed from the glass. Thereafter, all glasses will pass the water break test. Turn off water supply after closing time. Check connections regularly. (If disconnecting the hose underneath the unit turn off water supply & push off black ring) Warning!!! Release water and grip unit by its base before removing it from sink.


After finishing with Spulboy release water by rotating center brush anticlockwise and place brushes into sink or container. (Soak brushes in 2 Liters of luke warm water (not over 50°C) & 1 tablespoon of Spulboy cleaning powder overnight, every night. Give Spulboy a general wipe down inside and out. Next morning rinse the brushes off with fresh water & reassemble. Do not put Spulboy into electrical glass washer or use water over 50°C to clean. Replace brushes annually and renew unit when required.

Release water before removing Unit from Sink.

Keep Spulboy Clean”

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