The Spulboy Glass Washing System has been tested by the world wide recognized Fraunhofer Institute of Biomedical Technology.  5 glasses were washed with a Spulboy Glass Washer & the Spulboy Glass Washing tablets.  The results have proven that by cleaning in cold water the usual bacteria such as Escherichia Coli or the especially stubborn Pseudomona aeruginosa were eliminated.  All glasses were totally bacteria free.

This result is a fantastic endorsement for Spulboy and allows you to work with the Spulboy System with absolute confidence.  We must stress that the washing & cleaning instructions must be followed in order to achieve these results consistently.  It is also important not to substitute the Spulboy Glass Washing Tablets.

Spülboy Usage Instructions

Water Break Test

Stainless Steel Quality

It is important that when purchasing stainless steel products for your establishment that you are aware of what you are getting for your money. 

The main issue with stainless steel is the grade of metal used.  Celmar only supplies 304AISI stainless steel in all its online & fitted products.

What is the difference?

304AISI stainless steel is the normal grade of metal used in the catering industry.  The grade is defined by the amount of nickel in the steel.  If a lower grade is used there is a possibility that it may rust especially if it comes in contact with chemicals such as floor cleaners etc.  The lower grade is as a result less expensive.  Visibly it is difficult to ascertain the difference, however one can identify the lower grade by using a magnet.  A magnet will not stick to the 304AISI grade or superior.

Celmar offers stainless steel worktop products which are pressed rather than welded.

The advantage for the user is that they are practically self cleaning as dirt does not lodge in corners & liquids flow away with ease.  Using Celmar products makes it easy for you and your staff to work efficiently while adhering to health & hygiene regulations with little effort.  The difference is evident in the images below.

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 Pressed Stainless Steel Units Fabricated Units

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