Water Break Test

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The water break test is one of the simplest & most accurate methods used to establish whether a glass is really clean or not. A glass can look visually clean to the eye but may be contaminated with grease, dirt or chemical residues which can possibly distort the taste and appearance of drink especially beers and wines.

A lot of time, money, effort and passion is spent by breweries and vineyards etc trying to acquire a distinct taste, aroma, crispiness, flavor of a beer or wine for their customers to enjoy. As a result it is of utmost importance that having achieved the required result it is not affected or destroyed by an unclean glass.

It is therefore important to realise that you as a host, restaurateur or bar person should take the same pride & pleasure that these producers have in insuring that glasses are properly clean & presentable.

The most common issues with glasses.

From our experience the most usual difficulties whereby glasses distort the presentation & taste of drinks are as follows:

  • The over use of chemicals, detergents & rinse aids.

  • Polishing glasses with unclean or chemically contaminated cloths.

  • Food/milk residue being fixed onto glasses by heat rather than being removed.

  • Incorrect storage of glasses – glasses must be allowed to aerate.

  • The use of hot glasses.

How does one determine whether a glass is effected or not.

Looking at your glass containing the drink of your choice if you notice a difference in the color of your drink ie. a fog like appearance, nitrogen or small bubbles sticking to the inside of the glass that means that the glass is unclean. This is especially noticeable in the case of stout beer. The expected result should be totally black beer color with a fresh white head.


How do I test my glasses?

By simply rinsing a glass inside & out hold the glass up to the light & if the water breaks out in an unusual pattern leaving droplets on the glass it is unclean. The perfect result is achieved when the water runs straight off the glass without breaking the film. This result is known as a “beer clean” glass among brewers. See pictures below.




By using Spulboy as much as possible these problems will not occur.

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